Is It Safe To Eat Fish You Catch?

In the middle of summer the smaller midwestern lakes are almost like pea soup. With water temps at their peak, the algae gets so thick that you can only see a few inches into the green water.

This prompted a discussion with my son. Is it safe to eat fish you catch out of what seems to be such dirty water?

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How to Strip Your Fishing Reel with Your Drill

As I was getting ready for spring fishing, I proceeded to do what I normally do…replace the line on my fishing reel. I usually do this once a year, or sometimes before a big trip. Fishing line can certainly be used longer than a year, but as an ordinary outdoorsman who uses standard, inexpensive monofilament line, I have found that changing it at least once a year makes fishing better. Monofilament develops a “memory” and over time, especially with exposure to sun, it can become brittle. Besides, fresh line casts better. more “How to Strip Your Fishing Reel with Your Drill”

luminAID PackLite Max USB Solar Inflatable Lantern Review

I generally hate lanterns. They can be so fussy. You have to have the right fuel, extra mantles, and you often get the fuel on your hands in the process of getting one going. Propane lanterns are easier to use, but sill a pain as they get hot and can make a lot of noise, and all traditional lanterns bring with them the dangers associated with carrying around a small, brightly burning flame.

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Why I Think the Shimano Spirex RG is the Best Spinning Reel

Years ago when I was still a teenager, I saved up some money to buy my own “grown up” fishing pole. I was ready to move on from a spincast rod and reel, and wanted a spinning reel (like my dad’s, of course). Once I had the cash, we went to a local department store and I purchased a 6′ Zebco medium-action rod and a Shimano reel.

Why this rod and reel? Well, honestly, they were fairly cheap. Not the cheapest, but the next step up. I only had about $30 to spend on my new “grown up” rod and reel, and these fit the bill. more “Why I Think the Shimano Spirex RG is the Best Spinning Reel”

Free Fishing Days in June 2017

National Fishing and Boating Week is June 3 – 11, 2017. This week is dedicated to “highlighting the importance of recreational boating and fishing.”

In conjunction with National Fishing and Boating Week, many states (see the list below) offer free fishing days. During these designated times you can fish without the cost of a license. It’s a great time for an ordinary outdoorsman to try out fishing for the first time or get back into it after a long time away. In many cases, there are also free fishing events where the pole and bait are supplied. more “Free Fishing Days in June 2017”