Why I Think the Shimano Spirex RG is the Best Spinning Reel

Years ago when I was still a teenager, I saved up some money to buy my own “grown up” fishing pole. I was ready to move on from a spincast rod and reel, and wanted a spinning reel (like my dad’s, of course). Once I had the cash, we went to a local department store and I purchased a 6′ Zebco medium-action rod and a Shimano reel.

Why this rod and reel? Well, honestly, they were fairly cheap. Not the cheapest, but the next step up. I only had about $30 to spend on my new “grown up” rod and reel, and these fit the bill. more “Why I Think the Shimano Spirex RG is the Best Spinning Reel”

Free Fishing Days in June 2017

National Fishing and Boating Week is June 3 – 11, 2017. This week is dedicated to “highlighting the importance of recreational boating and fishing.”

In conjunction with National Fishing and Boating Week, many states (see the list below) offer free fishing days. During these designated times you can fish without the cost of a license. It’s a great time for an ordinary outdoorsman to try out fishing for the first time or get back into it after a long time away. In many cases, there are also free fishing events where the pole and bait are supplied. more “Free Fishing Days in June 2017”

Memorial Day and Cabela’s “Missing Man” Table

A recent trip to the “city” allowed my son and I to stop by the local Cabela’s store and browse around. Stopping there is something we try to do every time we are nearby. I don’t know many outdoorsmen who wouldn’t do the same. I needed a few jig heads and a rod tip repair kit (don’t ask).

It was just this past Tuesday – the week leading up to Memorial Day. more “Memorial Day and Cabela’s “Missing Man” Table”

How to Strip Your Fishing Reel with Your Drill

As I was getting ready for spring fishing, I proceeded to do what I normally do…replace the line on my fishing reel. I usually do this once a year, or sometimes before a big trip. Fishing line can certainly be used longer than a year, but as an ordinary outdoorsman who uses standard, inexpensive monofilament line, I have found that changing it at least once a year makes fishing better. Monofilament develops a “memory” and over time, especially with exposure to sun, it can become brittle. Besides, fresh line casts better. more “How to Strip Your Fishing Reel with Your Drill”

6 Reasons to go Camping in the Spring

You know that feeling?

It’s not quite light. You have been awake on and off for the last two hours. Your head is buried inside your sleeping bag so that your breath can help keep you warm. You are dreading what is coming next. You know you can’t fall back to sleep, and exiting your sleeping bag to a rush of cold air while you scramble to put on enough layers to achieve the same level of warmth you have in your sleeping bag is NOT something you want to do. But you have to. Nature calls. Yup. That’s the feeling…the feeling of camping! more “6 Reasons to go Camping in the Spring”

10 EDC Tools for Around $10 or Less

When it comes to EDC tools, the sky is the limit! There are so many out there and the prices can be outlandishly expensive.

EDC tools are one of my weaknesses…especially pocket knives. Fortunately my innate cheapness counters my desire to spend all my spare cash on these gadgets.

The reality is that the average outdoorsman can’t afford to buy all the newest, top-of-the-line gear. There’s just too much! Between fishing and camping and hiking and hunting, etc., you can easily go broke (or worse, make your spouse REALLY mad). more “10 EDC Tools for Around $10 or Less”

Free National Park Entry Days and National Park Week

As kids we often visited Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked its many trails and the trails nearby. We picnicked, looked for wildlife, and drove the winding roads taking in the beauty. I learned to love our national parks. Twenty plus years later I look back on these memories with a smile and strive to create these memories for my own children.

But park entry isn’t always cheap…not to worry!

more “Free National Park Entry Days and National Park Week”